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0000091AlmaLinux-8glusterfspublic2021-12-31 02:44
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Summary0000091: glusterfs packages are built from incorrect sources
DescriptionThe versions of glusterfs, glusterfs-client, glusterfs-fuse, glusterfs-libs, glusterfs-rdma (BaseOS), and glusterfs-api, glusterfs-cli (AppStream) are all version 6.0:56 which does not match what exists in RHEL (BaseOS, AppStream), which is version 6.0:49.1.

It seems that the srpm for gluster has been rebuilt from "Red Hat Storage Native Client for RHEL 8" rather than BaseOS/AppStream



2021-12-31 02:44

reporter   ~0000463

[akdev@virt0 ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Stream release 8
[akdev@virt0 ~]$ sudo dnf info glusterfs | awk '/Version/ || /Release/'
Version : 6.0
Release : 56.4.el8

[akdev@almalinux8 ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release
AlmaLinux release 8.5 (Artic Sphynx)
[akdev@virt0 ~]$ sudo dnf info glusterfs | awk '/Version/ || /Release/'
Version : 3.12.2
Release : 40.2.el8
Version : 6.0
Release : 56.4.el8

looks like AlmaLinux offers the correct version - 56.4.el8 matching centos 8 stream

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