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0000089AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2023-01-03 19:14
Reporterppyy Assigned Tojonathan  
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Summary0000089: please add plus repo
Descriptionwe use CentOSPlus kernel from CentOS. and fail to migrate to AlmaLinux.
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2021-06-12 19:05

reporter   ~0000274

As the maintainer of the centosplus kernel, I am curious to know which feature(s) you are interested in that are not in the distro kernel.


2021-06-14 14:48

reporter   ~0000276


please refer to:


2021-06-14 15:42

reporter   ~0000277

ELRepo has a kmod package for that:

I believe the above kmod was built with MLX4_CORE_GEN2 enabled.


2021-11-01 18:35

reporter   ~0000371


Did you have a chance to give the kmod package a try? If so, how did it go?


2023-01-03 01:55

reporter   ~0000781

No activity for > 1yr. I suppose this ticket can be closed as 'resolved'

ELRepo continues to maintain the kmod-mlx4 package for el8 as well as for el9 ( ) with MLX4_CORE_GEN2 enabled.

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