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0000086AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2021-06-08 15:16
Reporterrdruijter2 Assigned Toalukoshko  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Summary0000086: error on update
DescriptionRunning transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
The downloaded packages were saved in cache until the next successful transaction.
You can remove cached packages by executing 'dnf clean packages'.
Error: Transaction test error:
  file /usr/share/pixmaps/poweredby.png from install of almalinux-logos-httpd-84.4-1.el8.noarch conflicts with file from package centos-logos-httpd-80.5-2.el8.noarch
Steps To Reproducednf update
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2021-05-27 08:18

reporter   ~0000230

add info php 7.3.20 installed/

dnf module reset php
dnf module enable php:7.3
dnf module -y update php:7.3


2021-05-27 18:43

reporter   ~0000233


dnf remove centos-logos-httpd
dnf update
dnf install almalinux-logos-httpd php mod_ssl
systemctl start httpd
systemctl enable httpd


2021-05-28 08:09

developer   ~0000236

Have you used to migrate from CentOS?
It takes care of replacing such packages.


2021-05-28 08:22

reporter   ~0000238

yes, 2 days after almalinux 8.3 came out.
i have done that on 2 machines both with the same problem.

A third one i installed 2 weeks ago and that one worked fine
Also first centos then used deploy to change to almalinuxv (my host provider only provids centos and ubuntu for first install)

included a copy of the update schreen, almalinux_logos-httpd is part of the depencies

CLS-test:~# dnf update
Last metadata expiration check: 1:20:24 ago on Fri 28 May 2021 08:58:51 CEST.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package Arch Version Repository Size
 kernel x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 5.9 M
 kernel-core x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 36 M
 kernel-modules x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 28 M
 kernel-modules-extra x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 6.5 M
 NetworkManager x86_64 1:1.30.0-7.el8 baseos 2.6 M
 NetworkManager-config-server noarch 1:1.30.0-7.el8 baseos 127 k
 NetworkManager-libnm x86_64 1:1.30.0-7.el8 baseos 1.8 M
 NetworkManager-team x86_64 1:1.30.0-7.el8 baseos 144 k
 NetworkManager-tui x86_64 1:1.30.0-7.el8 baseos 326 k
 OpenEXR-libs x86_64 2.2.0-12.el8 appstream 671 k
 abattis-cantarell-fonts noarch 0.0.25-6.el8 baseos 154 k
 adcli x86_64 0.8.2-9.el8 baseos 113 k
 almalinux-logos x86_64 84.4-1.el8 baseos 359 k
 almalinux-release x86_64 8.4-2.el8 baseos 23 k
 alsa-lib x86_64 1.2.4-5.el8 appstream 470 k
 alsa-sof-firmware noarch 1.6.1-2.el8 baseos 674 k
 authselect x86_64 1.2.2-2.el8 baseos 132 k
 authselect-compat x86_64 1.2.2-2.el8 appstream 36 k
 authselect-libs x86_64 1.2.2-2.el8 baseos 221 k
 autocorr-de noarch 1: appstream 145 k
 autocorr-en noarch 1: appstream 175 k
 autocorr-es noarch 1: appstream 145 k
 autocorr-fr noarch 1: appstream 145 k
 autocorr-nl noarch 1: appstream 154 k
 avahi-libs x86_64 0.7-20.el8 baseos 61 k
 bash x86_64 4.4.20-1.el8_4 baseos 1.5 M
 bind-export-libs x86_64 32:9.11.26-4.el8_4 baseos 1.1 M
 bind-libs x86_64 32:9.11.26-4.el8_4 baseos 173 k
 bind-libs-lite x86_64 32:9.11.26-4.el8_4 baseos 1.2 M
 bind-license noarch 32:9.11.26-4.el8_4 baseos 101 k
 bind-utils x86_64 32:9.11.26-4.el8_4 baseos 450 k
 binutils x86_64 2.30-93.el8 baseos 5.8 M
 bolt x86_64 0.9.1-1.el8 baseos 200 k
 bpftool x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 6.6 M
 brotli x86_64 1.0.6-3.el8 baseos 322 k
 buildah x86_64 1.19.7-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 7.4 M
 chrony x86_64 3.5-2.el8.alma baseos 269 k
 clevis x86_64 15-1.el8 appstream 56 k
 clevis-luks x86_64 15-1.el8 appstream 36 k
 cockpit x86_64 238.2-1.el8 baseos 75 k
 cockpit-bridge x86_64 238.2-1.el8 baseos 534 k
 cockpit-packagekit noarch 238.2-1.el8 baseos 648 k
 cockpit-podman noarch 29-2.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 1.1 M
 cockpit-storaged noarch 238.2-1.el8 appstream 639 k
 cockpit-system noarch 238.2-1.el8 baseos 3.4 M
 cockpit-ws x86_64 238.2-1.el8 baseos 1.3 M
 conmon x86_64 2:2.0.26-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 50 k
 container-selinux noarch 2:2.158.0-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 50 k
 containernetworking-plugins x86_64 0.9.1-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 20 M
 containers-common x86_64 1:1.2.2-8.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515.alma appstream 97 k
 cpio x86_64 2.12-10.el8 baseos 264 k
 criu x86_64 3.15-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 510 k
 crontabs noarch 1.11-17.20190603git.el8 baseos 24 k
 cryptsetup x86_64 2.3.3-4.el8 baseos 189 k
 cryptsetup-libs x86_64 2.3.3-4.el8 baseos 469 k
 curl x86_64 7.61.1-18.el8 baseos 352 k
 dbus x86_64 1:1.12.8-12.el8_4.2 baseos 40 k
 dbus-common noarch 1:1.12.8-12.el8_4.2 baseos 45 k
 dbus-daemon x86_64 1:1.12.8-12.el8_4.2 baseos 239 k
 dbus-libs x86_64 1:1.12.8-12.el8_4.2 baseos 183 k
 dbus-tools x86_64 1:1.12.8-12.el8_4.2 baseos 84 k
 dconf x86_64 0.28.0-4.el8 appstream 107 k
 dejavu-fonts-common noarch 2.35-7.el8 baseos 73 k
 dejavu-sans-fonts noarch 2.35-7.el8 baseos 1.5 M
 dejavu-sans-mono-fonts noarch 2.35-7.el8 baseos 446 k
 dejavu-serif-fonts noarch 2.35-7.el8 baseos 804 k
 device-mapper x86_64 8:1.02.175-5.el8 baseos 374 k
 device-mapper-event x86_64 8:1.02.175-5.el8 baseos 268 k
 device-mapper-event-libs x86_64 8:1.02.175-5.el8 baseos 268 k
 device-mapper-libs x86_64 8:1.02.175-5.el8 baseos 407 k
 device-mapper-multipath x86_64 0.8.4-10.el8 baseos 194 k
 device-mapper-multipath-libs x86_64 0.8.4-10.el8 baseos 320 k
 dhcp-client x86_64 12:4.3.6-44.el8 baseos 317 k
 dhcp-common noarch 12:4.3.6-44.el8 baseos 206 k
 dhcp-libs x86_64 12:4.3.6-44.el8 baseos 146 k
 dmidecode x86_64 1:3.2-8.el8 baseos 90 k
 dnf noarch 4.4.2-11.el8 baseos 538 k
 dnf-data noarch 4.4.2-11.el8 baseos 150 k
 dnf-plugin-subscription-manager x86_64 1.28.13-2.el8.alma baseos 291 k
 dnf-plugins-core noarch 4.0.18-4.el8 baseos 68 k
 dracut x86_64 049-135.git20210121.el8 baseos 371 k
 dracut-config-rescue x86_64 049-135.git20210121.el8 baseos 57 k
 dracut-network x86_64 049-135.git20210121.el8 baseos 104 k
 dracut-squash x86_64 049-135.git20210121.el8 baseos 57 k
 elfutils-debuginfod-client x86_64 0.182-3.el8 baseos 64 k
 elfutils-default-yama-scope noarch 0.182-3.el8 baseos 48 k
 elfutils-libelf x86_64 0.182-3.el8 baseos 215 k
 elfutils-libs x86_64 0.182-3.el8 baseos 292 k
 ethtool x86_64 2:5.8-5.el8 baseos 205 k
 firewalld noarch 0.8.2-6.el8 baseos 487 k
 firewalld-filesystem noarch 0.8.2-6.el8 baseos 75 k
 fprintd x86_64 1.90.9-2.el8 appstream 153 k
 fprintd-pam x86_64 1.90.9-2.el8 appstream 27 k
 fuse-overlayfs x86_64 1.4.0-2.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 71 k
 gawk x86_64 4.2.1-2.el8 baseos 1.1 M
 glib2 x86_64 2.56.4-9.el8 baseos 2.5 M
 glibc x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 3.6 M
 glibc-common x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 1.3 M
 glibc-langpack-de x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 507 k
 glibc-langpack-en x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 826 k
 glibc-langpack-es x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 574 k
 glibc-langpack-fr x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 822 k
 glibc-langpack-nl x86_64 2.28-151.el8 baseos 485 k
 gpgme x86_64 1.13.1-7.el8 baseos 335 k
 gpgmepp x86_64 1.13.1-7.el8 baseos 123 k
 gpm-libs x86_64 1.20.7-17.el8 appstream 38 k
 grub2-common noarch 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 889 k
 grub2-pc x86_64 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 40 k
 grub2-pc-modules noarch 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 913 k
 grub2-tools x86_64 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 2.0 M
 grub2-tools-efi x86_64 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 473 k
 grub2-tools-extra x86_64 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 1.1 M
 grub2-tools-minimal x86_64 1:2.02-99.el8.alma baseos 208 k
 gstreamer1-plugins-base x86_64 1.16.1-2.el8 appstream 2.0 M
 gtk2 x86_64 2.24.32-5.el8 appstream 3.4 M
 gzip x86_64 1.9-12.el8 baseos 166 k
 hdparm x86_64 9.54-3.el8 baseos 99 k
 httpd x86_64 2.4.37-39.module_el8.4.0+2174+b87b2deb.alma appstream 1.4 M
 httpd-filesystem noarch 2.4.37-39.module_el8.4.0+2174+b87b2deb.alma appstream 37 k
 httpd-tools x86_64 2.4.37-39.module_el8.4.0+2174+b87b2deb.alma appstream 104 k
 hwdata noarch 0.314-8.8.el8 baseos 1.7 M
 ilmbase x86_64 2.2.0-13.el8 appstream 113 k
 ima-evm-utils x86_64 1.3.2-12.el8 baseos 63 k
 initscripts x86_64 10.00.15-1.el8 baseos 338 k
 iproute x86_64 5.9.0-4.el8 baseos 691 k
 iptables x86_64 1.8.4-17.el8 baseos 582 k
 iptables-ebtables x86_64 1.8.4-17.el8 baseos 70 k
 iptables-libs x86_64 1.8.4-17.el8 baseos 105 k
 iptables-services x86_64 1.8.4-17.el8 baseos 61 k
 iputils x86_64 20180629-7.el8 baseos 147 k
 irqbalance x86_64 2:1.4.0-6.el8 baseos 55 k
 iscsi-initiator-utils x86_64 baseos 378 k
 iscsi-initiator-utils-iscsiuio x86_64 baseos 99 k
 iwl100-firmware noarch baseos 170 k
 iwl1000-firmware noarch 1: baseos 233 k
 iwl105-firmware noarch baseos 254 k
 iwl135-firmware noarch baseos 263 k
 iwl2000-firmware noarch baseos 257 k
 iwl2030-firmware noarch baseos 265 k
 iwl3160-firmware noarch 1: baseos 1.7 M
 iwl5000-firmware noarch baseos 314 k
 iwl5150-firmware noarch baseos 166 k
 iwl6000-firmware noarch baseos 187 k
 iwl6000g2a-firmware noarch baseos 329 k
 iwl6000g2b-firmware noarch baseos 330 k
 iwl6050-firmware noarch baseos 262 k
 iwl7260-firmware noarch 1: baseos 16 M
 java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless x86_64 1: appstream 34 M
 jbig2dec-libs x86_64 0.16-1.el8 appstream 70 k
 json-c x86_64 0.13.1-0.4.el8 baseos 39 k
 kernel-tools x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 6.1 M
 kernel-tools-libs x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 5.9 M
 kexec-tools x86_64 2.0.20-46.el8 baseos 506 k
 kmod x86_64 25-17.el8 baseos 125 k
 kmod-kvdo x86_64 baseos 340 k
 kmod-libs x86_64 25-17.el8 baseos 67 k
 kpartx x86_64 0.8.4-10.el8 baseos 110 k
 krb5-libs x86_64 1.18.2-8.el8 baseos 837 k
 ledmon x86_64 0.95-1.el8 baseos 83 k
 libX11 x86_64 1.6.8-4.el8 baseos 610 k
 libX11-common noarch 1.6.8-4.el8 baseos 157 k
 libX11-xcb x86_64 1.6.8-4.el8 appstream 13 k
 libarchive x86_64 3.3.3-1.el8 baseos 358 k
 libblkid x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 216 k
 libblockdev x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 130 k
 libblockdev-crypto x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 80 k
 libblockdev-fs x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 85 k
 libblockdev-loop x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 69 k
 libblockdev-lvm x86_64 2.24-5.el8 appstream 85 k
 libblockdev-mdraid x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 75 k
 libblockdev-part x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 78 k
 libblockdev-swap x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 71 k
 libblockdev-utils x86_64 2.24-5.el8 baseos 78 k
 libcomps x86_64 0.1.11-5.el8 baseos 80 k
 libcurl x86_64 7.61.1-18.el8 baseos 298 k
 libdb x86_64 5.3.28-40.el8 baseos 750 k
 libdb-utils x86_64 5.3.28-40.el8 baseos 148 k
 libdnf x86_64 0.55.0-7.el8.alma baseos 681 k
 libdrm x86_64 2.4.103-1.el8 appstream 164 k
 libepubgen x86_64 0.1.0-3.el8 appstream 164 k
 libertas-usb8388-firmware noarch 2:20201218-102.git05789708.el8 baseos 133 k
 libfdisk x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 249 k
 libfprint x86_64 1.90.7-1.el8 appstream 253 k
 libgcc x86_64 8.4.1-1.el8.alma baseos 77 k
 libglvnd x86_64 1:1.3.2-1.el8 appstream 126 k
 libglvnd-egl x86_64 1:1.3.2-1.el8 appstream 48 k
 libglvnd-gles x86_64 1:1.3.2-1.el8 appstream 39 k
 libglvnd-glx x86_64 1:1.3.2-1.el8 appstream 136 k
 libgomp x86_64 8.4.1-1.el8.alma baseos 203 k
 libgs x86_64 9.27-1.el8 appstream 3.1 M
 libipa_hbac x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 109 k
 liblangtag x86_64 0.6.2-8.el8 appstream 75 k
 liblangtag-data noarch 0.6.2-8.el8 appstream 203 k
 libldb x86_64 2.2.0-2.el8 baseos 187 k
 libmount x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 232 k
 libndp x86_64 1.7-5.el8 baseos 39 k
 libnfsidmap x86_64 1:2.3.3-41.el8 baseos 119 k
 liborcus x86_64 0.15.4-2.el8 appstream 524 k
 libpcap x86_64 14:1.9.1-5.el8 baseos 168 k
 libpwquality x86_64 1.4.4-3.el8 baseos 106 k
 libreoffice-calc x86_64 1: appstream 8.7 M
 libreoffice-core x86_64 1: appstream 109 M
 libreoffice-data noarch 1: appstream 2.1 M
 libreoffice-draw x86_64 1: appstream 94 k
 libreoffice-emailmerge x86_64 1: appstream 91 k
 libreoffice-graphicfilter x86_64 1: appstream 414 k
 libreoffice-help-de x86_64 1: appstream 7.2 M
 libreoffice-help-en x86_64 1: appstream 5.3 M
 libreoffice-help-es x86_64 1: appstream 7.2 M
 libreoffice-help-fr x86_64 1: appstream 7.4 M
 libreoffice-help-nl x86_64 1: appstream 7.0 M
 libreoffice-impress x86_64 1: appstream 666 k
 libreoffice-langpack-de x86_64 1: appstream 778 k
 libreoffice-langpack-en x86_64 1: appstream 175 k
 libreoffice-langpack-es x86_64 1: appstream 775 k
 libreoffice-langpack-fr x86_64 1: appstream 782 k
 libreoffice-langpack-nl x86_64 1: appstream 786 k
 libreoffice-math x86_64 1: appstream 92 k
 libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts noarch 1: appstream 215 k
 libreoffice-pdfimport x86_64 1: appstream 310 k
 libreoffice-pyuno x86_64 1: appstream 312 k
 libreoffice-ure x86_64 1: appstream 2.3 M
 libreoffice-ure-common noarch 1: appstream 488 k
 libreoffice-writer x86_64 1: appstream 3.8 M
 libreoffice-x11 x86_64 1: appstream 313 k
 librepo x86_64 1.12.0-3.el8 baseos 90 k
 libseccomp x86_64 2.5.1-1.el8 baseos 70 k
 libselinux x86_64 2.9-5.el8 baseos 164 k
 libselinux-utils x86_64 2.9-5.el8 baseos 242 k
 libsemanage x86_64 2.9-6.el8 baseos 164 k
 libsepol x86_64 2.9-2.el8 baseos 338 k
 libslirp x86_64 4.3.1-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 68 k
 libsmartcols x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 175 k
 libsmbclient x86_64 4.13.3-3.el8 baseos 145 k
 libsolv x86_64 0.7.16-2.el8 baseos 361 k
 libsss_autofs x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 112 k
 libsss_certmap x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 148 k
 libsss_idmap x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 114 k
 libsss_nss_idmap x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 121 k
 libsss_sudo x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 110 k
 libstdc++ x86_64 8.4.1-1.el8.alma baseos 450 k
 libstoragemgmt x86_64 1.8.7-1.el8 baseos 244 k
 libudisks2 x86_64 2.9.0-6.el8 baseos 192 k
 libuuid x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 94 k
 libvisual x86_64 1:0.4.0-25.el8 appstream 144 k
 libwbclient x86_64 4.13.3-3.el8 baseos 118 k
 libxml2 x86_64 2.9.7-9.el8 baseos 695 k
 libxslt x86_64 1.1.32-6.el8 baseos 248 k
 linux-firmware noarch 20201218-102.git05789708.el8 baseos 123 M
 lshw x86_64 B.02.19.2-5.el8 baseos 340 k
 lsscsi x86_64 0.32-2.el8 baseos 70 k
 lvm2 x86_64 8:2.03.11-5.el8 baseos 1.6 M
 lvm2-libs x86_64 8:2.03.11-5.el8 baseos 1.1 M
 mcelog x86_64 3:173-0.el8 baseos 81 k
 mdadm x86_64 4.1-15.el8 baseos 454 k
 mesa-libEGL x86_64 20.3.3-2.el8 appstream 133 k
 mesa-libGL x86_64 20.3.3-2.el8 appstream 187 k
 mesa-libgbm x86_64 20.3.3-2.el8 appstream 56 k
 mesa-libglapi x86_64 20.3.3-2.el8 appstream 64 k
 microcode_ctl x86_64 4:20210216-1.el8 baseos 4.6 M
 mod_http2 x86_64 1.15.7-3.module_el8.4.0+2112+b87b2deb appstream 153 k
 mod_ssl x86_64 1:2.4.37-39.module_el8.4.0+2174+b87b2deb.alma appstream 133 k
 nftables x86_64 1:0.9.3-18.el8 baseos 312 k
 nvme-cli x86_64 1.12-3.el8 baseos 364 k
 oddjob x86_64 0.34.7-1.el8 appstream 79 k
 oddjob-mkhomedir x86_64 0.34.7-1.el8 appstream 48 k
 openldap x86_64 2.4.46-16.el8 baseos 350 k
 openssh x86_64 8.0p1-6.el8_4.2 baseos 520 k
 openssh-clients x86_64 8.0p1-6.el8_4.2 baseos 666 k
 openssh-server x86_64 8.0p1-6.el8_4.2 baseos 483 k
 p11-kit x86_64 0.23.22-1.el8 baseos 323 k
 p11-kit-trust x86_64 0.23.22-1.el8 baseos 136 k
 pam x86_64 1.3.1-14.el8 baseos 737 k
 pciutils x86_64 3.7.0-1.el8 baseos 104 k
 pciutils-libs x86_64 3.7.0-1.el8 baseos 53 k
 perl-Errno x86_64 1.28-419.el8 baseos 75 k
 perl-IO x86_64 1.38-419.el8 baseos 141 k
 perl-Math-Complex noarch 1.59-419.el8 baseos 107 k
 perl-interpreter x86_64 4:5.26.3-419.el8 baseos 6.3 M
 perl-libs x86_64 4:5.26.3-419.el8 baseos 1.6 M
 perl-macros x86_64 4:5.26.3-419.el8 baseos 71 k
 platform-python x86_64 3.6.8-37.el8.alma baseos 83 k
 platform-python-pip noarch 9.0.3-19.el8 baseos 1.7 M
 plymouth x86_64 0.9.4-9.20200615git1e36e30.el8 appstream 126 k
 plymouth-core-libs x86_64 0.9.4-9.20200615git1e36e30.el8 appstream 121 k
 plymouth-scripts x86_64 0.9.4-9.20200615git1e36e30.el8 appstream 42 k
 podman x86_64 3.0.1-6.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 12 M
 podman-catatonit x86_64 3.0.1-6.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 320 k
 policycoreutils x86_64 2.9-14.el8 baseos 372 k
 policycoreutils-python-utils noarch 2.9-14.el8 baseos 251 k
 poppler x86_64 20.11.0-2.el8 appstream 1.1 M
 popt x86_64 1.18-1.el8 baseos 60 k
 procps-ng x86_64 3.3.15-6.el8 baseos 328 k
 protobuf-c x86_64 1.3.0-6.el8 baseos 36 k
 python3-bind noarch 32:9.11.26-4.el8_4 baseos 148 k
 python3-dnf noarch 4.4.2-11.el8 baseos 540 k
 python3-dnf-plugins-core noarch 4.0.18-4.el8 baseos 233 k
 python3-firewall noarch 0.8.2-6.el8 baseos 392 k
 python3-gpg x86_64 1.13.1-7.el8 baseos 244 k
 python3-hawkey x86_64 0.55.0-7.el8.alma baseos 113 k
 python3-libcomps x86_64 0.1.11-5.el8 baseos 51 k
 python3-libdnf x86_64 0.55.0-7.el8.alma baseos 768 k
 python3-librepo x86_64 1.12.0-3.el8 baseos 51 k
 python3-libs x86_64 3.6.8-37.el8.alma baseos 7.8 M
 python3-libselinux x86_64 2.9-5.el8 baseos 282 k
 python3-libsemanage x86_64 2.9-6.el8 baseos 126 k
 python3-libstoragemgmt noarch 1.8.7-1.el8 baseos 171 k
 python3-libstoragemgmt-clibs x86_64 1.8.7-1.el8 baseos 26 k
 python3-libxml2 x86_64 2.9.7-9.el8 baseos 236 k
 python3-linux-procfs noarch 0.6.3-1.el8 baseos 42 k
 python3-nftables x86_64 1:0.9.3-18.el8 baseos 26 k
 python3-perf x86_64 4.18.0-305.el8 baseos 6.0 M
 python3-pip-wheel noarch 9.0.3-19.el8 baseos 1.0 M
 python3-ply noarch 3.9-9.el8 baseos 110 k
 python3-policycoreutils noarch 2.9-14.el8 baseos 2.2 M
 python3-requests noarch 2.20.0-2.1.el8_1 baseos 122 k
 python3-rpm x86_64 4.14.3-13.el8 baseos 157 k
 python3-sssdconfig noarch 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 136 k
 python3-subscription-manager-rhsm x86_64 1.28.13-2.el8.alma baseos 365 k
 python3-syspurpose x86_64 1.28.13-2.el8.alma baseos 302 k
 python3-unbound x86_64 1.7.3-15.el8 baseos 118 k
 python3-urllib3 noarch 1.24.2-5.el8 baseos 176 k
 python38 x86_64 3.8.6-3.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 78 k
 python38-libs x86_64 3.8.6-3.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 8.3 M
 python38-pip noarch 19.3.1-1.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 1.9 M
 python38-pip-wheel noarch 19.3.1-1.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 1.2 M
 python38-pyyaml x86_64 5.3.1-1.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 204 k
 python38-setuptools noarch 41.6.0-4.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 666 k
 python38-setuptools-wheel noarch 41.6.0-4.module_el8.4.0+2181+8e86ab84 appstream 303 k
 qemu-guest-agent x86_64 15:4.2.0-48.module_el8.4.0+2358+630e803b appstream 244 k
 quota x86_64 1:4.04-12.el8 baseos 212 k
 quota-nls noarch 1:4.04-12.el8 baseos 94 k
 raptor2 x86_64 2.0.15-16.el8 appstream 207 k
 realmd x86_64 0.16.3-22.el8 baseos 236 k
 rpm x86_64 4.14.3-13.el8 baseos 541 k
 rpm-build-libs x86_64 4.14.3-13.el8 baseos 154 k
 rpm-libs x86_64 4.14.3-13.el8 baseos 338 k
 rpm-plugin-selinux x86_64 4.14.3-13.el8 baseos 75 k
 rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit x86_64 4.14.3-13.el8 baseos 76 k
 rsync x86_64 3.1.3-12.el8 baseos 404 k
 rsyslog x86_64 8.1911.0-7.el8 appstream 731 k
 rsyslog-gnutls x86_64 8.1911.0-7.el8 appstream 30 k
 rsyslog-gssapi x86_64 8.1911.0-7.el8 appstream 32 k
 rsyslog-relp x86_64 8.1911.0-7.el8 appstream 31 k
 runc x86_64 1.0.0-70.rc92.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 3.1 M
 samba-client-libs x86_64 4.13.3-3.el8 baseos 5.4 M
 samba-common noarch 4.13.3-3.el8 baseos 217 k
 samba-common-libs x86_64 4.13.3-3.el8 baseos 170 k
 screen x86_64 4.6.2-12.el8 epel 581 k
 selinux-policy noarch 3.14.3-67.el8 baseos 627 k
 selinux-policy-targeted noarch 3.14.3-67.el8 baseos 15 M
 sendmail x86_64 8.15.2-34.el8 appstream 767 k
 setroubleshoot-server x86_64 3.3.24-3.el8 baseos 400 k
 shadow-utils x86_64 2:4.6-12.el8 baseos 1.2 M
 slirp4netns x86_64 1.1.8-1.module_el8.4.0+2332+f4da7515 appstream 50 k
 sos noarch 4.0-11.el8.alma baseos 687 k
 sqlite x86_64 3.26.0-13.el8 baseos 666 k
 sqlite-libs x86_64 3.26.0-13.el8 baseos 579 k
 squashfs-tools x86_64 4.3-20.el8 baseos 164 k
 sssd x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 100 k
 sssd-ad x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 271 k
 sssd-client x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 195 k
 sssd-common x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 1.6 M
 sssd-common-pac x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 175 k
 sssd-ipa x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 356 k
 sssd-kcm x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 234 k
 sssd-krb5 x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 143 k
 sssd-krb5-common x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 184 k
 sssd-ldap x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 220 k
 sssd-nfs-idmap x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 109 k
 sssd-proxy x86_64 2.4.0-9.el8 baseos 143 k
 strace x86_64 5.7-2.el8 baseos 1.1 M
 subscription-manager x86_64 1.28.13-2.el8.alma baseos 1.1 M
 subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates x86_64 1.28.13-2.el8.alma baseos 259 k
 sudo x86_64 1.8.29-7.el8 baseos 924 k
 systemd x86_64 239-45.el8 baseos 3.6 M
 systemd-libs x86_64 239-45.el8 baseos 1.1 M
 systemd-pam x86_64 239-45.el8 baseos 468 k
 systemd-udev x86_64 239-45.el8 baseos 1.4 M
 telnet x86_64 1:0.17-76.el8 appstream 71 k
 tpm2-tools x86_64 4.1.1-2.el8 baseos 1.0 M
 tpm2-tss x86_64 2.3.2-3.el8 baseos 274 k
 trousers x86_64 0.3.15-1.el8 baseos 151 k
 trousers-lib x86_64 0.3.15-1.el8 baseos 166 k
 tuned noarch 2.15.0-2.el8 baseos 302 k
 udisks2 x86_64 2.9.0-6.el8 baseos 472 k
 udisks2-iscsi x86_64 2.9.0-6.el8 appstream 29 k
 udisks2-lvm2 x86_64 2.9.0-6.el8 appstream 44 k
 unbound-libs x86_64 1.7.3-15.el8 baseos 501 k
 unzip x86_64 6.0-44.el8 baseos 194 k
 userspace-rcu x86_64 0.10.1-4.el8 baseos 100 k
 util-linux x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 2.5 M
 util-linux-user x86_64 2.32.1-27.el8 baseos 99 k
 vdo x86_64 baseos 589 k
 xfsprogs x86_64 5.0.0-8.el8 baseos 1.1 M
 yum noarch 4.4.2-11.el8 baseos 201 k
 zlib x86_64 1.2.11-17.el8 baseos 101 k
Installing dependencies:
 almalinux-logos-httpd noarch 84.4-1.el8 appstream 29 k
 fstrm x86_64 0.6.0-3.el8.1 baseos 28 k
 ima-evm-utils0 x86_64 1.3.2-12.el8 baseos 21 k
 libibverbs x86_64 32.0-4.el8 baseos 320 k
 libnumbertext x86_64 1.0.6-2.el8 appstream 199 k
 libreoffice-ogltrans x86_64 1: appstream 176 k
 lmdb-libs x86_64 0.9.24-1.el8 baseos 58 k
 python3-lxml x86_64 4.2.3-2.el8 baseos 1.5 M
 python3-psutil x86_64 5.4.3-10.el8 baseos 373 k
 python3-ptyprocess noarch 0.5.2-4.el8 baseos 31 k
 python3-setuptools noarch 39.2.0-6.el8 baseos 162 k
 python3-webencodings noarch 0.5.1-6.el8 baseos 27 k
 rdma-core x86_64 32.0-4.el8 baseos 58 k
 tracer-common noarch 0.7.5-2.el8 baseos 33 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 python3-beautifulsoup4 noarch 4.6.3-2.el8.1 epel 185 k
 python3-cssselect noarch 0.9.2-10.el8 epel 40 k
 python3-html5lib noarch 1:0.999999999-6.el8 baseos 214 k
 python3-pexpect noarch 4.3.1-3.el8 baseos 138 k
 python3-tracer noarch 0.7.5-2.el8 baseos 121 k
 kernel x86_64 4.18.0-240.10.1.el8_3 @anaconda 0
 kernel-core x86_64 4.18.0-240.10.1.el8_3 @anaconda 62 M
 kernel-modules x86_64 4.18.0-240.10.1.el8_3 @anaconda 21 M
 kernel-modules-extra x86_64 4.18.0-240.10.1.el8_3 @baseos 645 k

Transaction Summary
Install 23 Packages
Upgrade 393 Packages
Remove 4 Packages

Total download size: 680 M
Is this ok [y/N]:


2021-05-28 08:29

developer   ~0000239

Why do you had to run dnf update manually?
almalinux-deploy does dnf distro-sync -y automatically.


2021-05-28 08:33

reporter   ~0000240

the deploy i did just af you describe 2 days after alma linux 8.3 came out.

The update ik did yesterday as part of normal maintanance


2021-06-08 15:16

developer   ~0000262

almalinux-deploy script now replaces centos packages correctly.

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