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0000469AlmaLinux-9perlpublic2024-07-01 07:14
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Summary0000469: Perl dependencies

I think there is a problem with the perl package dependencies.
When I try to install perl, I have to install 271 packages with dependencies like make or gcc.

For example, when I try to read the perl.spec file (from, I don't see any reference to perl-Archive-Zip, but it is a required dependency when you try to install perl.

Is it possible that there is a misconfiguration and all development dependencies are required?
Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help.
Steps To ReproduceI've tried with AlmaLinux 9.4 in a VM and with AlmaLinux 9 and 8 in containers.
Just run the command `dnf install perl`
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2024-06-26 14:03

reporter   ~0001048

It seems that the package perl-interpreter is the package I need to use in this case.


2024-07-01 07:14

reporter   ~0001050

On further investigation, the problem lies not with the perl packaging, but with the name change, which has not been properly integrated by some package creators.
This issue can therefore be closed.

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