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0000465AlmaLinux-9almalinux-releasepublic2024-04-24 08:56
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PlatformNutanix / VMwareOSAlmaLinuxOS Version9.2 and 9.3
Summary0000465: Cannot install from ISO with custom main partition name of "disk"
DescriptionTrying to change the name of the main Volume Group to "disk" results in installation failure
Steps To Reproduce- Launch from AlmaLinux 9.2 or 9.3 ISO to set up a new install
- Select "Install AlmaLinux 9.x"
- Select language
- Select "Installation Destination"
- Change "Storage Configuration" to "Custom" > (click Done)
- In the "Manual Paritioning" window that appears, under "Volume Group," click "Modify..."
- Change this name to "disk"
- Click Apply changes > Confirm/Apply in the window that appears
- (Optional: Configure other settings as necessary for the environment)
- Click "Begin Installation"
- Error will appear within the first few seconds of installation
Additional InformationWe encountered this today when attempting to launch a new AlmaLinux 9.2 as well as 9.3 server from ISO image on our virtual server cluster.

We have several existing scripts that rely on the main volume group being named "/dev/disk" without a lot of refactoring. The default configuration of the image deployment is set to "/dev/almalinux".

Installing in this manner from AlmaLinux 8.7 ISO works just fine. Issue only happens on 9+.
Tags9.2, 9.3, disk, installation, partition
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2024-04-23 14:57

administrator   ~0001027

Hello and thanks for letting us know.
Could you please check does this happen on CentOS Stream 9 and RHEL9?
This will make it clear if it's upstream issue or AlmaLinux only


2024-04-24 08:56

reporter   ~0001028

afaik, most OSes cannot create a VG called "disk".
VG cannot be called anything that exists in /dev/ and if you are using udev, then /dev/disk exists.

What you are describing should not be possible even on Alma8 unless you have disabled udev somehow.

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