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0000421AlmaLinux-9frrpublic2023-08-28 11:55
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OSAlma LinuxOS Version9 
Summary0000421: FRR user does not have sufficient caps to start vrrpd
DescriptionHello, when starting the FRR systemd daemon with VRRP enabled, the vrrpd daemon errors out with this:

2023/08/20 21:46:57 VRRP: [HEH72-5BR66] [CORE] [VRID 11] [IPv4] Interface: vrrp4-2-1
2023/08/20 21:46:57 VRRP: [MZG9J-C7D80] [CORE] [VRID 11] [IPv6] Interface: None (no interface found w/ MAC 00:00:5e:00:02:0b)
2023/08/20 21:46:57 VRRP: [R3SM7-1JZFQ] [CORE] [VRID 11] [IPv4] 'Startup' event
2023/08/20 21:46:57 VRRP: [T81B5-0TZTF] [CORE] [VRID 11] [IPv4] Failed to bind Rx socket to VRRP multicast group: Permission denied
2023/08/20 21:46:57 VRRP: [ZSJEW-4RZ0P] [CORE] [VRID 11] [IPv4] Failed to initialize VRRP router
2023/08/20 21:46:57 VRRP: [P485H-A79BW] [CORE] [VRID 11] [IPv6] Refusing to start Virtual Router: No VRRP interface

Digging deeper, this seems to be related to SELinux:

type=AVC msg=audit(1693007247.468:113045): avc: denied { node_bind } for pid=45940 comm="vrrpd" saddr= scontext=system_u:system_r:frr_t:s0 tcontext=system_u:object_r:node_t:s0 tclass=rawip_socket permissive=1
type=SYSCALL msg=audit(1693007247.468:113045): arch=c000003e syscall=49 success=yes exit=0 a0=11 a1=7fffaca815b0 a2=10 a3=56062a6c5234 items=0 ppid=1 pid=45940 auid=4294967295 uid=980 gid=979 euid=980 suid=980 fsuid=980 egid=979 sgid=979 fsgid=979 tty=(none) ses=4294967295 comm="vrrpd" exe="/usr/libexec/frr/vrrpd" subj=system_u:system_r:frr_t:s0 key=(null)ARCH=x86_64 SYSCALL=bind AUID="unset" UID="frr" GID="frr" EUID="frr" SUID="frr" FSUID="frr" EGID="frr" SGID="frr" FSGID="frr"

By adding this SELinux policy to the system:

module frr_vrrp 1.0;

require {
    type frr_t;
    type node_t;
    class rawip_socket node_bind;

# Allow frr_t to bind to VRRP address on rawip_socket
allow frr_t node_t:rawip_socket node_bind;

It seems to allow the frr_t domain the proper permissions.
Steps To ReproduceInstall FRR:

dnf install frr

Enable vrrpd:

sed -i 's/^vrrpd=no$/vrrpd=yes/' /etc/frr/daemons

Set up the MACVLAN device with the Virtual IP for VRRP:

ip link add vrrp4-2-1 link enp11s0 addrgenmode random type macvlan mode bridge
ip link set dev vrrp4-2-1 address 00:00:5e:00:01:0b
ip addr add dev vrrp4-2-1
ip link set dev vrrp4-2-1 up

Add configuration to frr.conf:

echo -e "interface enp11s0" \
"\n ip address" \
"\n vrrp 11" \
"\n vrrp 11 priority 200" \
"\n vrrp 11 advertisement-interval 1500" \
"\n vrrp 11 ip" \
"\nexit" >> /etc/frr/frr.conf

And then start up frr:

systemctl start frr

With the current shipping package, this should cause the error.
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2023-08-28 11:55

administrator   ~0000965

Hi! Could you please check this on RHEL9 and CentOS Stream 9?
We need to understand if this issue specific to AlmaLinux or upstream one.

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