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0000391AlmaLinux-9kernelpublic2023-08-02 11:59
Reporterkarel Assigned Toalukoshko  
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Summary0000391: kernel meta package should not provide almalinux(kernel-sig-key) = 202303 or conflict with old shim package versions
     Provides: almalinux(kernel-sig-key) = 202303
    Conflicts: shim-ia32 <= 15.6-1.el9.alma
    Conflicts: shim-x64 <= 15.6-1.el9.alma

These Provides and Conflicts directives should not be added to the kernel meta package, but to the package that actually contains the kernel: kernel-core.
A user should be able to only install kernel-core on a secure boot capable system and not have to pull in the kernel meta package and its dependencies. (This was the behavior before the 9.2 update)
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2023-05-15 15:07

administrator   ~0000891

Hello and thanks for report.
We used Oracle Linux experience on updating Secure Boot certificates and making sure that boot chain will not be broken.
But you're totally right that adding Provides and Conflicts to kernel-core is enough here.
We'll do the right way in upcoming 8.8 release and also will fix this in first kernel update for 9.2.


2023-08-02 11:59

administrator   ~0000941

Resolved in latest updates

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