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Summary0000361: Request (can help with) VMWare Fusion provider for
DescriptionAt Fermilab, we are moving toward AlmaLinux 9 as our next operating system for scientific software development and support. I have obtained a VMWare Fusion license for my Mac Silicon MacBook Pro, but unfortunately your aarch64 Vagrant boxes currently only support the Parallels provider.

If you do not have access to a VMWare Fusion license, but *do* have a script or protocol that is adaptable, I could build the relevant box es in the short to medium term.
Additional InformationIf you need any kind of verification of bona fides, I believe you have an existing relationship with our main Linux Support team at Fermilab, who would know me.
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2023-01-23 18:41

reporter   ~0000793

I have successfully created a vagrant box based on, thank you! The need for `v.gui = true` is somewhat perplexing, but I understand this is beyond your control. This issue can be resolved: thank you again for the quick response!

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