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0000360AlmaLinux-9anacondapublic2023-05-17 15:52
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OSAlmaLinuxOS Version9.1 
Summary0000360: Kickstart anaconda does not use --proxy setting for url setting
DescriptionWhen specifying the AlmaLinux installation url in kickstart when defining --proxy flag, for e.g.

`url --url --proxy=`

the proxy does NOT seem to be used during fetching of the AlmaLinux installation image.

in the emergency shell we can verify that the url is not directly accessible when curling it.

, but when adding -x <theproxy> explicitly, the curl works.

in another attempt we also tried setting inst.proxy=<theproxy> in the pxe append line, which seems also to be ignored.

we can verify from our proxy that no request is coming in.

when we later do the curl with explicitly adding the -x proxy setting, we can see the request coming in, confirming kickstart does not use the proxy during the auto installation.

so the installer is incorrect
Steps To Reproducehave a node that is not allowed to connect to the outside or directly to, but via a proxy.

use a or equivalent url from the description and try to install almalinux.

try to kickstart install your machine.

verify proxy request coming in on the proxy server during kickstart, you won't see.

later in the emergency shell try curling the alma repo without -x (should fail), and try it with -x (should succeed)

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2023-01-18 15:13



2023-01-18 15:18

reporter   ~0000787

When switching back to AlmaLinux 8, it still works.


2023-05-17 15:52

reporter   ~0000894

Also experiencing the same issue described above. Only way to PXE a server with alma9 and a proxy is by using what is supposed to be deprecated syntax in the kernel command line. You can use proxy= and then it forces everything via proxy. If you use inst.proxy is completely ignored. As stated above is all currently ignoring the proxy param for the url line in the kickstart

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