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0000304AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2022-09-19 15:33
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Summary0000304: Pulp 3 synchronizations failing because of Advisory issues. ALSA-2022:1762 in particular.
Description"Incoming and existing advisories have the same id and timestamp but different and intersecting package lists, and neither package list is a proper subset of the other. At least one of the advisories is wrong. To allow this behavior, set ALLOW_AUTOMATIC_UNSAFE_ADVISORY_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION = True (q.v.) in your configuration. Advisory id: ALSA-2022:1762"

I receive the above error while trying to synchronize our Pulp repositories. Even enabling ALLOW_AUTOMATIC_UNSAFE_ADVISORY_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION fails, as the backend PostgreSQL database spits out:

"2022-09-19 15:21:36.593 UTC [19311] ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "core_artifact_sha256_key"
2022-09-19 15:21:36.593 UTC [19311] DETAIL: Key (sha256)=(dfe49eec7de8a49933ea921f884fac99ea6cd80cb87cbb5de09f1ca7b6ce606b) already exists."
Steps To ReproduceSynchronize AlmaLinux 8 BaseOS using Pulp 3.
Additional InformationThis is a major issue as it prevents the deployment of updates to our systems.
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