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0000296AlmaLinux-8asiopublic2022-08-19 17:26
Reporterpatl Assigned Toalukoshko  
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Platformx86_64OSAlmaLinuxOS Version8.6
Summary0000296: PowerTools repository modules.yaml references out-of-date asio-devel package
DescriptionThe latest asio-devel package (as of today) is asio-devel-1.10.8-7.module_el8.6.0+3072+3c630e87.x86_64.rpm.

But the modules.yaml file still refers to the previous version:

$ zgrep asio-devel almalinux/8.6/PowerTools/x86_64/os/repodata/*-modules.yaml.gz
    - asio-devel
    - asio-devel-0:1.10.8-7.module_el8.6.0+2867+72759d2f.i686
    - asio-devel-0:1.10.8-7.module_el8.6.0+2867+72759d2f.x86_64

This is causing some problems for my automated installation scripts (long story).

Can the PowerTools modules.yaml file be updated (?)

Steps To ReproduceSee description.
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2022-08-19 17:26

administrator   ~0000680

Thanks for report!
asio-devel-1.10.8-7.module_el8.6.0+3072+3c630e87.x86_64.rpm is the part of mariadb-devel:10.5 module that should be released to devel repo only.
I've moved it to devel for all arches.

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