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0000289AlmaLinux-9initial-setuppublic2022-08-13 07:00
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Summary0000289: Unable to install Alma9 in bare metal - I7-3770
DescriptionUnable to install Alma 9.0 .
The Alma 8.6 installed as expected .
All is correct until the start of the instalation where it lockups up | crash the computer.

Always in the "Configuring Kernel-core_x86_64" label .
The mouse is locked up no TTYs available , no CapsLock ( meaning no interrupts ...)
In order to recover i am only able to forcefully a hardaware button reset .

Hardware: P8P67 , I7-3770 sandy bridge and 32Gb of RAM .

Tried with DVD-iso + minimal ISO , latest x86_x64 boot .
Both iso repositories or network the result is the same.

Although if tried to install as a ProxMox VM everything works as expected.

Steps To Reproducesimply trying to install in bare metal.
Additional InformationAlso exactly the same problem with Rocky 9 .0 instalation .

Going to try to install via the Text mode.
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2022-07-23 12:24

reporter   ~0000653

Tried with the TUI installer ...
Same behaviour: system locked in "Configuring kernel-core.x86_64" .

Noticed that In all tries the CPU FAN is at also locked at Full speed meaning that the processor could be at 100% ....


2022-08-09 11:57

developer   ~0000658


The AlmaLinux OS 9 needs x86-64-v2. Can you install AlmaLinux OS 8 on the same system? If true, you can check your system's supported x86_64 architecture levels with this command below.:

/usr/lib64/ --help

Check for "x86-64-v2 (supported, searched)" in the output.


2022-08-13 07:00

reporter   ~0000667

Answering the previous detailed note:
Yes I did have installed sucefully both Alma 8.3 and Alma 8.6 versions ...

Calling :

 /usr/lib64/ --help
gives the expected answer :
Subdirectories of glibc-hwcaps directories, in priority order:
  x86-64-v2 (supported, searched)

Legacy HWCAP subdirectories under library search path directories:
  x86_64 (AT_PLATFORM; supported, searched)
  tls (supported, searched)
  x86_64 (supported, searched)

The system is an P8P67 Asus Board with 32G RAM and SandyBridge I7-3770 CPU ...

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