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0000284AlmaLinux-9Generalpublic2022-10-17 18:30
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Platformx86_64OSAlmaLinuxOS Version9
Summary0000284: Docker container causing 100% CPU
DescriptionWhen running a couple of specific docker containers they fail to start fully as some of the processes hit 100% and essential bring the machine to a halt.
Running these containers under AlmaLinux 8.6 works fine.
Other containers on the same host work fine.
Tried disabling Selinux and the firewall which made no difference
Running in podman in AlmaLinux 9 works fine

Docker images:
Steps To Reproduce1. Install AlmaLinux Minimal 9
2. Install docker
sudo dnf update
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
sudo dnf install docker-ce docker-ce-cli
sudo systemctl enable docker.service
sudo reboot
3. Run tvheadend container
sudo docker run -d --name=tvh --restart=always --network=host
4. Should take 1-2min to start but it will get stuck on the first step for ~5min at 100% then continue and gets stuck on the next step for another 5-10min and this cycle repeats

the only office container gets stuck trying start up a rabbitmq instance inside the container
container can be started by the below command should take ~1min to fully start
sudo docker run -d --name onlyoffice --restart=always -p 9180:80 onlyoffice/documentserver



2022-07-16 10:37


tvh-100.png (4,556 bytes)   
tvh-100.png (4,556 bytes)   


2022-10-17 18:30

reporter   ~0000709

good afternoon.

I had a similar issue with onlyoffice container.

explicitly specify ulimits for the container.

and check ulimits on host and container.

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