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0000262AlmaLinux-8rpmpublic2022-06-07 09:09
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Summary0000262: recurring issue: base and appstream repositories cannot be synchronized using pulp-rpm
DescriptionI use pulp-rpm (v3) to synchronize the base and appstream repos from and respectively.

I try to run the sync script once a week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails with the following error:
"Incoming and existing advisories have the same id and timestamp but different and intersecting package lists, and neither package list is a proper subset of the other. At least one of the advisories is wrong. To allow this behavior, set ALLOW_AUTOMATIC_UNSAFE_ADVISORY_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION = True (q.v.) in your configuration. Advisory id: ALSA-2019:2720"

(This advisory ID may not always be the same.)
I have learnt that deleting and recreating the pulp repository "solves" the problem but I lose the previous versions - keeping these would be one of the purposes of pulp.
Steps To Reproduce- create repository and remote in pulp-rpm (like this: )
- synchronize the repository with the remote once a week
- sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. I failed at least 5 times in the last 12 months. It failed twice in the last month.
Additional InformationI have several other (non-AlmaLinux) repositories in pulp and they do work.
I only have seen this type of error with AlmaLinux repos.
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