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0000222AlmaLinux-8openldappublic2023-04-04 14:26
Reporterjeriedel24 Assigned Toalukoshko  
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Summary0000222: Request for package openldap-servers to be added to the repository
DescriptionOur software developers need an installation of OpenLDAP server (in addition to 389-ds server) for their unit tests, because they have to test their LDAP client software against both kinds of LDAP server.
Would it be possible that you add the package openldap-servers to the AlmaLinux repository? The version of openldap-servers should match the version of the packages openldap and openldap-clients that are part of AlmaLinux.
Additional InformationThe package openldap-servers is available in RockyLinux 8 (in the "plus" repository) and in CentOS 8.5 and in Centos 8-stream (in the "PowerTools" repository).
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2023-03-17 10:50

reporter   ~0000840

As documented in, the openldap-servers packages is currently availalbe in, but as indeed in CentOS Stream 8 it's present in the PowerTools repository, it would be nice to have it in AlmaLinux's PowerTools too.


2023-03-27 19:39

reporter   ~0000843

FYI, openldap-servers was added to the RHEL CRB repo in 8.6.


2023-04-04 14:26

administrator   ~0000847

Fixed in AlmaLinux 8.

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