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0000218AlmaLinux-8dhcppublic2022-04-22 10:22
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Summary0000218: network service removes IP from ethernet configured as DHCP after 24 hours
DescriptionI noticed this pattern on three different VMs hosted on Scaleway and Hetzner, which use DHCP for IP assignment.

After I installed AlmaLinux 8.5 successfully, I installed cPanel DNSOnly, which disables NetworkManager (it does during the installation phase, I guess because it conflicts with cPanel's management of IPs).
Then after 24 hours I lost all three VMs at the same time, and the only way to have them reachable again was to disable the "network" service and re-enable NetworkManager.
On another, similar VM which uses static IP addressing I have no problem.

Latest updates are installed via dns.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set up DHCP network
2. Disable NetworkManager and enable the old network daemon
3. Wait 24 hours
4. Notice there's no IP address on the main network interface
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2022-04-22 10:22

reporter   ~0000541

typo on last line of description: "Latest updates are installed via dnf"

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