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0000213AlmaLinux-8abrtpublic2022-05-24 00:21
Reporterbrianjmurrell Assigned Toalukoshko  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000213: No workflow suitable for this problem was found!
Description# abrt-cli report 3bac1664261a7e5ea668703a412dcc0afdc34ff9
No workflow suitable for this problem was found!

# rpm -q abrt
Steps To ReproduceSee above
Additional InformationSet to major/urgent as this impedes the ability to send any useful crash reports.
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2022-04-10 12:07

reporter   ~0000536

I guess technically the problem is in libreport:

And indeed, indicates there is supposed to be a libreport-almalinux package with the workflows defined, but there does not appear to be any such package available:

# dnf search libreport
Last metadata expiration check: 4:52:40 ago on Sun 10 Apr 2022 02:56:15 AM EDT.
========================================================================= Name Exactly Matched: libreport ==========================================================================
libreport.x86_64 : Generic library for reporting various problems
libreport.i686 : Generic library for reporting various problems
======================================================================== Name & Summary Matched: libreport =========================================================================
libreport-cli.x86_64 : libreport's command line interface
libreport-filesystem.x86_64 : Filesystem layout for libreport
libreport-gtk.i686 : GTK front-end for libreport
libreport-gtk.x86_64 : GTK front-end for libreport
libreport-newt.x86_64 : libreport's newt interface
libreport-plugin-bugzilla.x86_64 : libreport's bugzilla plugin
libreport-plugin-kerneloops.x86_64 : libreport's kerneloops reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-logger.x86_64 : libreport's logger reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-mailx.x86_64 : libreport's mailx reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-reportuploader.x86_64 : libreport's reportuploader plugin
libreport-plugin-ureport.x86_64 : libreport's micro report plugin
libreport-web.x86_64 : Library providing network API for libreport
libreport-web.i686 : Library providing network API for libreport
============================================================================= Name Matched: libreport ==============================================================================
libreport-anaconda.x86_64 : Default configuration for reporting anaconda bugs
python3-libreport.x86_64 : Python 3 bindings for report-libs


2022-05-24 00:21

administrator   ~0000576

Thanks for report.
libreport-almalinux is now available in AppStream repo.

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