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0000209AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2022-05-11 03:49
Reportertrex-thedog Assigned To 
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OS Version8.5 
Summary0000209: PXE Installer for 8.5 stuck at multipath
DescriptionPXE Installer for Almalinux that can install to either local hard drive or iscsi lun. On 8.4 it works ok but not on 8.5.

On 8.5 the bootup process gets stuck at "Started cancel waiting for multipath siblings of sda".
Steps To Reproduce1. With PXE infra already setup, boot up the vmlinuz and initrd from the images/pxeboot location.
Additional InformationI was able to resolve it (I think) by editing the initrd.img and removing the prefixdevname-tools from it. Once I repacked it, the pxe installer seems to work ok.
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2022-04-04 05:15


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2022-04-04 10:16

administrator   ~0000531

Hello. Have you seen curl errors and No free space left on device error?
Could you try the same with CentOS 8.5 images?


2022-04-04 19:43

reporter   ~0000532

Forgot to mention, yes I'm seeing curl and 'No free space left on device' errors.

I've just tried the latest Centos8 Stream and it is affected with this same issue. I did not bother doing an initrd.img surgery this time. I'm pretty sure it will work if I did that.


2022-05-02 23:30

reporter   ~0000555

I get this error when I copy the installation files to a USB stick (GPT formatted, bootable FAT32 partition) and boot it in UEFI mode.

I have no iSCSI; just regular sSATA disks. No multipath. Nevertheless the Kickstart bootup hangs with "started cancel waiting for mutipath siblings" on each of the sSATA disks.

Would love to know how to bypass this.


2022-05-03 01:18

reporter   ~0000556


My volume label was 10 characters including a dash and some lower case letters. When I make it 8 upper-case letters, the installation still prints these messages (and stalls for a bit) but ultimately works. Not sure whether the length or the character set is making the difference.

Also I have no theory to explain any of this. Perhaps someone with more knowledge/patience than I can figure it out.


2022-05-11 02:32

reporter   ~0000561

^ That's (GPT + FAT32) quite an uncommon setup you have there. Afaik, fat32 truncates filenames to 8.3 (8 chars for filenames + 3 for extension). Perhaps that is what's happening in your case?

I was wondering how your usb stick ended up with fat32 with gpt partitioning scheme? Is that a multi-distro usb?


2022-05-11 03:49

reporter   ~0000562

GPT + FAT32 = UEFI boot partition.

I am pretty much following the procedure at It is working for me now. I had to restrict the volume label and be very explicit in the kernel command line (e.g. "linuxefi /isolinux/vmlinuz inst.repo=cdrom:LABEL=MYMEDIA inst.ks=cdrom:LABEL=MYMEDIA:/path/to/ks.cfg"). I am using "cdrom:" because this grub.cfg is shared with my .iso installation media. It works even though this is a USB stick. If I try to let Anaconda hunt for the repo, it locks up the install with "Started cancel waiting for multipath siblings of sda".

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