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0000190AlmaLinux-8selinux-policypublic2022-04-29 10:07
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Summary0000190: k3s selinux not working on Almalinux
DescriptionThe k3s selinux package does not work correctly on Almalinux in contrast to CentOS 8.5.

By my understanding this should work out of the box as Almalinux is more or less a drop in replacement. Is this something the package has to address or is this something that Almalinux has to address?

There is a related bug on github:
Steps To ReproduceSee github bug.
Additional InformationWorks on CentOS 8.5 not tested on RHEL so far
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2022-02-22 15:06

reporter   ~0000496

The reason why I classified this as major is because the update to Almalinux 8.5 broke my k3s cluster due to this issue. I had to deactivate SELinux in the meantime to resolve.

As stated above it might not actually be Almalinux fault but I don't understand enough about how the policy systems might differ to correctly pin down the source of the problem.


2022-03-26 10:48

reporter   ~0000523

@Blackclaws, GitHub issue indicates that this has been resolved on package update. Please verify.


2022-04-29 10:07

reporter   ~0000550

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. I still need to run with setenforce 0 in order to be able to run most containers.

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