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0000183AlmaLinux-8open-vm-toolspublic2022-02-07 08:41
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 7 4800U with Radeon OSWindows 10 专业工作站版OS Version21H2 v19044.1387
Summary0000183: Copy file from win10 to almalinux have bug
Description很高兴贵公司开发了如此优秀而且免费的Linux,他非常稳定非常实用和华丽,谢谢。同时我也很机智,继centos后,在RockyLinux 与AlmaLinux与openEuler与openAnolis中选择了AlmaLinux,哈哈。AlmaLinux太过于完美,这不得使我介绍给我的 同学 学校 老师 网友 朋友。

我把AlmaLinux通过VMware16 Pro安装到了电脑,在使用过程中想要复制文件到虚拟机,这似乎是件很平常的事,但是在AlmaLinux中失败了,我尝试重新安装了open-vm-tools也是不可以,依然显示错误。但是可以从AlmaLinux复制文件到Windows10.

I am very pleased that your company developed such excellent and free Linux, it is very stable, very useful and gorgeous, thank you. I chose AlmaLinux between RockyLinux and AlmaLinux and openEuler and openAnolis after centos. AlmaLinux is too perfect for me to introduce to my classmates, school teachers, online friends.

I installed AlmaLinux on my computer using VMware16 Pro and it seems to be normal to try to copy files to the virtual machine during use, but it failed in AlmaLinux and I tried to reinstall open-vm-tools and it still failed. But you can copy files from AlmaLinux to Windows10.
Steps To Reproduce复制任意文件到虚拟机AlmaLinux即可复现

Copy any file to virtual machine AlmaLinux



2022-02-07 08:35


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2022-02-07 08:41

reporter   ~0000486

I make a video show error :AlmaLinux copy file error.mp4

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