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0000166AlmaLinux-8almalinux-releasepublic2021-12-30 07:25
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Summary0000166: Running results in Download RPM-GPG-KEY-AlmaLinux Error
DescriptionAfter running an update on a centos 8 server to ensure compatibility with AlmaLinux 8.5, the typical download of the deploy script is ran. After the download and making it executable, running ./ results in:

"Check root privileges OK
Download RPM-GPG-KEY-AlmaLinux ERROR
    curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired
    More details here:

    curl failed to verify the legitimacy of the server and therefore could not
    establish a secure connection to it. To learn more about this situation and
    how to fix it, please visit the web page mentioned above."
Steps To ReproduceUnsure of steps to reproduce as this has only happened on one server.
Additional InformationRunning CentOS Linux release 8.5.2111 - All updates have been ran.
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2021-12-28 19:13

reporter   ~0000459

Update: I edited the script to add the -k flag for curl to disable the strict cert check. This fixed the issue I was having.


2021-12-30 07:25

administrator   ~0000460

I see cert was renewed exactly 2021-12-28.
Could you recheck please?

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