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0000165AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2022-03-09 20:17
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PlatformM1 Max (aarm64)OSmacOSOS Version12.1
Summary0000165: Unable to install Alma Linux 8.x aarm64 macOS 12.1 M1
DescriptionUnable to install Alma Linux 8.x aarm64 macOS 12.1 M1 Max

Virtualization platforms: Parallels, VMware Fusion, QEMU

Description: The ISO's boot into the install select menu. Selecting any of the options brings you right back to the same menu of selecting the media verification or going straight to the install.
Steps To ReproduceWith M1 based Mac, using Parallels, or VMware Fusion or QEMU, boot the iso for install with default settings or other settings.
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2021-12-21 19:07

administrator   ~0000456

RHEL8 (and all its derivatives) doesn't support Apple M1.
RHEL9 will do.


2021-12-22 04:27

reporter   ~0000457

How soon to see this supported? My organization is standardizing with Alma Linux and the added support for Apple M1 Arm would be great.


2021-12-22 04:29

reporter   ~0000458

Specifically this is to run as a VM, not necessarily on M1 bare metal.
Thanks advance!


2021-12-31 02:48

reporter   ~0000464

What happens when you try to boot from a Centos 8 Stream image? does it work? unfortunately this is difficult to troubleshoot as it requires special hardware - are you using an aarch64 image or x86 image? does the x86-64 work?


2022-03-04 01:41

reporter   ~0000500

Checking in. What would be the expected timing for this?



2022-03-09 20:17

reporter   ~0000507

As @alukoshko noted, you have to wait for EL9, which *might* be out around May (but please don't quote me :)
"Can I run RHEL in a VM in a Mac using the Apple M1 processor?"

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