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0000121AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2021-10-14 14:41
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Platformx86_64OSalmaOS Version8.4
Summary0000121: Anaconda doesnt support Rufus default/recommended iso creation method
DescriptionIt seems anaconda installer does not fully support offline usb iso based installation. Although installer boots up normally, the 9gb usb iso key isn't available for use as the install source. Installer keeps trying to force user to setup online repo.
Steps To ReproduceTried multiple times, and experienced the same outcome. Once I had created the usb installer using Rufus with DD mode instead of ISO based anaconda properly detected the files from my usb key instead prompting to setup an online repo.
Additional InformationApologies if I have formatted this report incorrectly or in the wrong place, I have never reported a bug before, but I thought this information might be helpful to others. I understand technically I was doing it wrong, but I hope there is a good reason to only support DD mode.
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2021-10-14 14:41

administrator   ~0000344

AFAIK it's upstream issue and latest RHEL/CentOS versions require DD too

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