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0000117AlmaLinux-8lynxpublic2021-08-12 16:49
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Summary0000117: CVE-2021-38165: Lynx through 2.8.9 can expose credentials via SNI
Lynx through 2.8.9 mishandles the userinfo subcomponent of a URI, which allows remote attackers to discover cleartext credentials because they may appear in SNI data.
Steps To ReproduceIf you have an HTTPS server listening on localhost, this is pretty easy to reproduce.

Use tcpdump or wireshark to watch traffic.
tcpdump -vvA -i lo port 443

Attempt to connect to localhost passing credentials in the URL.
lynx https://user:[email protected]/

You will see "user:[email protected]" in the plaintext of the tcpdump output.
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