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0000073AlmaLinux-8almalinux-releasepublic2021-06-09 23:39
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Summary0000073: The specified timezone is not set.
DescriptionIn the Installation, I set a timezone value to Asia/Tokyo(JST : +9:00).
But the timezone value was Shanghai/China(CST : +8:00) after after Installation,

At first login, the system required authentication of administrator.
Before the authentication, timezone was correct. (see "2021-05-02_12h51_22.png". Time was 12:51.)
After the authentication, timezone was incorrect. (see "2021-05-02_12h51_33.png". Time was 11:51. (-1 hour))
After all, timezone was CST.(see "2021-05-02_12h52_22.png")

I found the same bug at CentOS 8.3 and Rocky Linux 8.3RC1.
Steps To ReproduceStep 1: Boot almalinux-8.3 image.
Step 2: Set "Language" value to "English".
Step 3: Set "Timezone" value to "Asia/Tokyo(JST)" in "Time & Date".(see "2021-05-02_12h33_16.png")
Step 4: Set root password in "Root Password".
Step 5: Create user "testuser" in "User Creation".
Step 6: Select automatic partitioning in "Installation Destination".
Step 7: Set network and hostname in "Network & Host Name"
Step 8: Begin "Installation".
Step 9: Reboot.
Step 10: Accept license.
Step 11: Login (testuser).
Step 12: System require authentication. input password. (Timezone is changed!!)
(see "2021-05-02_12h51_22.png" and "2021-05-02_12h51_33.png")
Step 13: Perform the rest of the Installation.
Step 14: See "Settings -> Details -> Date & Time". (Timezone is CST)(See "2021-05-02_12h52_22.png")
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2021-05-02 05:40


2021-05-02_12h33_16.png (582,014 bytes)
2021-05-02_12h51_22.png (225,651 bytes)   
2021-05-02_12h51_22.png (225,651 bytes)   
2021-05-02_12h51_33.png (76,904 bytes)   
2021-05-02_12h51_33.png (76,904 bytes)   
2021-05-02_12h52_22.png (95,430 bytes)   
2021-05-02_12h52_22.png (95,430 bytes)   


2021-06-09 22:07

developer   ~0000270

Have you tried 8.4? Is bug still here?


2021-06-09 23:39

reporter   ~0000271

AlmaLinux 8.4 (and rhel 8.4, rocky linux 8.4 rc) has the same problem.

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