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0000067AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2021-04-21 21:13
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PlatformLinuxOSAlmaLinux 8OS Version1st Stable
Summary0000067: After waking up from suspend, it automatically suspends every 30 seconds
DescriptionI am not sure if it is specific to my hardware (Toshiba Satellite T110 or Dynabook MX33/KBL), but after the first installation, I have been having this "suspend-wake-up" problem every time I try to use this AlmaLinux computer (workstation).

I leave the computer as suspended when I do not use it for a while, then when I use it again, I'd expect it wakes up and use the OS as usual.

It actually wakes up, however, only after 30 seconds or so, it automatically goes to sleep again. I press the power button and it wakes up again, but the symptom persists, so every 30 seconds or so, it goes to sleep.

When I turn it off completely and reboot the computer, it works fine. It is only after the suspend mode, the computer goes to sleep every 30 seconds.

Maybe this is happening to others, too. So I was hoping to be able to contribute to the debugging process for this wonderful new OS.

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