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0000060AlmaLinux-8almalinux-releasepublic2021-12-31 02:32
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Summary0000060: Minimal ISO does require network repository during installation
DescriptionMinimal ISO does require network repository during installation from an USB thumbdrive.
I have not found a way to install a minimal system from that ISO image. It always asks for a repository.
This is not expected behaviour.



2021-04-12 18:55

reporter   ~0000145

I have now also tested the full DVD ISO.
If I write it to a USB device and try to install from it the system fails to setup a repository.
So installing from USB on a clean system is not possible at this time.


2021-04-12 18:59

reporter   ~0000146

How to reproduce:
 1. Download ISO image of AlmaLinux.
 2. Use Rufus on Windows 10 to create a boootable USB drive.
 3. Boot test machine from this USB device.
 4. Installer will fail to find a source to install from and only presents a network install option for which I don't know the URL.


2021-04-13 16:21

reporter   ~0000147

It was working here via same way. Had you verifed checksum of downloaded iso ?


2021-12-31 02:32

reporter   ~0000461

works for me on latest 8.5 image - I was able to install from the minimal ISO with no internet

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