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0000051AlmaLinux-8initial-setuppublic2021-04-05 08:54
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Platformx86OSAlma LinuxOS Version8.3
Summary0000051: Problem with kickstart file
DescriptionHello Everyone,

We have started using Alma Linux in our organization. However we have an issue when we tried to automate the installation but manual installation works fine.

This is my kickstart file but we have not mentioned the "autopart --type=lvm" directions in this kickstart file but installation takes the automation partitioning but it works fine with CentOS 8.

Due to the customization in my company, we have to use specific size for each installation, so we do not wish to make the automatic partitioning.

Please help.

$ cat /root/kickstart.ks

#version=Alma Linux 8
ignoredisk --only-use=sda

# System bootloader configuration
bootloader --append="rhgb quiet crashkernel=auto" --location=mbr --boot-drive=sda

# Clear the Master Boot Record

# Partition clearing information
clearpart --all --initlabel --drives=sda

# Reboot after installation

# Use graphical install

# Use CDROM installation media

# Keyboard layouts
# old format: keyboard us
# new format:
keyboard --xlayouts='us'

# System language
lang en_US.UTF-8

# Root password
# rootpw --iscrypted xxxxxx

# System authorization information
auth --passalgo=sha512 --useshadow

# SELinux configuration
selinux --disabled
firstboot --disable

# Do not configure the X Window System

# System services
services --enabled="chronyd"

# System timezone
timezone Europe/Berlin

%post --logfile=/root/ks-post.log



%addon com_redhat_kdump --enable --reserve-mb='auto'

Steps To ReproduceAutomatic partition is happening without specifying the autopart options in kickstart file
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2021-04-02 06:08

administrator   ~0000108

Did you use or as repo for kickstart installation?


2021-04-02 06:12

reporter   ~0000109


No, I am using the local server as a Kickstart server and not using any repo. Basically mounting the Alma Linux ISO to the system and using the kickstart to do the installation.

Thank you


2021-04-05 08:51

reporter   ~0000121

Anyone can help me please?


2021-04-05 08:54

administrator   ~0000122

I'm trying to understand your case. So you want to be asked for partition scheme during installation?
You want it non-interactive?

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