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0000447AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2023-12-18 23:16
Reporterscapo93 Assigned To 
PriorityimmediateSeverityblockReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformWHMOSCentOS7`OS Version7
Summary0000447: Upgrade from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 unable to access server
DescriptionI followed the steps to upgrade from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8.
After rebooting into step 4 the SSH connection was lost and after I was unable to reconnect to my host.
Currently I am unable to reach the server on any port or ping.

Everything was fine with no error message, the pre-check also found no blockers.
Steps To ReproduceUnable to reproduce
Additional InformationCurrently trying to get help from hosting provider
Tagsalmalinux8, ssh


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