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0000439AlmaLinux-8gnome-control-centerpublic2023-11-10 01:46
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Platformx86_64OSAlmaLinux 9.3 BetaOS VersionAlmaLinux 9
Summary0000439: Wi-Fi show password checkbox in gnome settings does not reveal the Wi-Fi password.
DescriptionGnome Desktop
Gnome Settings/Wi-Fi/Security
When the show password checkbox is checked the password remains hidden.
This Bug also affects previous versions of AlmaLinux such AlmaLinux 9.2.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Gnome settings Wi-Fi
2. Then toggle to the security settings
3. Check the show password checkbox
4. The password remains hidden or is not displayed
Additional InformationThe bug was filed on Red Hat Bugzilla on 7-27-2023 against CentOS stream 9 x86_64.
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2023-11-10 01:31



2023-11-10 01:46

reporter   ~0000991

The project is AlmaLinux 9 not Almalinux 8.

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