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0000431AlmaLinux-8grubbypublic2023-10-13 11:33
Reportersector-one Assigned Toalukoshko  
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Summary0000431: Manpage of grubby(8) referes to wrong UEFI boot loader configuration file
DescriptionThe manpage of grubby(8) names /boot/efi/EFI/redhat/grub.cfg as boot loader configuration file while on AlmaLinux 8 & 9 (both are affected) it is actually /boot/efi/EFI/almalinux/grub.cfg
Steps To ReproduceOn AlmaLinux 8.8 on x76_64 in UEFI mode

# rpm -q --qf '%{nevra}\n' grubby

# find /boot/efi/EFI/ -type f -name grub.cfg

# man -s 8 grubby | grep -Po '/boot/efi/EFI/\S+'
Additional InformationCode reference for AlmaLinux 8

Code reference for AlmaLinux 9
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