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0000404AlmaLinux-8sambapublic2023-06-16 13:27
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Summary0000404: Share with directory mode 0700 not accessible
DescriptionI tested it with "homes" share first, then with normal shares. Both are not working.

If the shares do not have read or rx permission on directories, it is not accessible on the client.

So if the homedir is "/home/testuser" with permission 0700, an error comes up with "NT_ACCESS_DENIED" in the log. If I switch to 0740, it works. On the RedHat Package Version, it works. It is the same package Version samba-4.17.5-2.
Steps To ReproduceInstall samba package, ensure an uncommented "[homes]" section. Add a user with "smbpasswd -a testuser" and ensure, the homedir exists. Try to access the share with "smbclient -hlocalhost -Utestuser" or with a windows client.
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