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0000344AlmaLinux-8dnfpublic2022-12-14 19:34
Reportertitodaly Assigned To 
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Summary0000344: repo mirrorlist composed of IPv4 servers (no IPv6)
DescriptionThis is the content of$basearch/os/$basearch/os/$basearch/os/$basearch/os/$basearch/os/$basearch/os/$basearch/os/$basearch/os/

according to only 4 of those servers are IPv6 capable. Yum keeps on trying the IPv4 servers$basearch/os/$basearch/os/
Steps To Reproduce1. Install an IPv6 ONLY machine with almalinux 9.1
2. Try to install some packages :
     a) vim
     b) dhcp-server
     c) bind-utils
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2022-12-14 19:34

reporter   ~0000766

Please delete. The issue that I was reporting was on almalinux 9.1

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