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0000318AlmaLinux-8almalinux-releasepublic2022-11-01 08:08
ReporterNaranthiran Assigned To 
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Platformx86_64OSAlmaLinux 8.5OS Version8.5
Summary0000318: almalinux-release
DescriptionHi Team,

 I have updated the kernel packages to 8.5. But I am not able to find the packages for almalinux-release 8.5.

As a result, the os-release file was not updated and still shows OS version as 8.4

Naranthiran Duraisamy
Steps To Reproduce1)Install AlmaLinux 8.4 ISO.
2)Run the command yum updated --downloadonly and download all the latest updates.
3)copy the updates to the appstream and baseos folder and created a custom ISO.
4)Install the custom ISO and check the file /etc/os-release
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