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0000294AlmaLinux-8systemdpublic2022-08-17 07:15
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PlatformRaspberry Pi 3BOSAlmaLinuxOS Version9
Summary0000294: Boot process stalls with systemd waiting for more than one service to start
DescriptionUsing : AlmaLinux-9-RaspberryPi-9.0-20220615.aarch64.raw (checksum verified)
Booting has succeeded only once in more than 20 attempts (so far).
Well into the boot process, progress stalls with systemd reporting waiting for service(s) to start.
Services include "firewalld", "User Login Management", "D-Bus System Message Bus".

The one time that booting succeeded the poweroff sequence stalled with systemd reporting waiting for a service to stop.
Steps To ReproduceCopy the above image file onto a uSD card and try booting a Raspberry Pi 3B from it.
Additional InformationNo problem booting AL8 on the same hardware.
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