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0000273AlmaLinux-9kernelpublic2022-06-30 20:18
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Summary0000273: Minimal install iso is broken
DescriptionWhen installing from the Minimal .iso the kernel-modules package is missing thus causing essential drivers to be missing.
Steps To Reproduce - Download minimal iso
 - Mount ISO as CD-drive on server
 - Run the installer
 - Reboot after installation.

When the screen is on the last page before hitting the "Reboot" button, switch to another terminal, chroot into sysimage and "rpm -qa" - you will see kernel-modules missing.
Additional InformationTested CentOS 9-stream Minimal: Works
Tested RHEL 9: Works
Tested AlmaLinux 9 DVD (not minimal, but chose Minmal install): Works

It only fails with the AlmaLinux 9 Minimal ISO.
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2022-06-30 20:18


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