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0000272AlmaLinux-9keepalivedpublic2022-06-27 10:19
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OSAlmaLinuxOS Version9.0 
Summary0000272: keepalived 2.2.4 doesn't correctly handle variable substitution in conditional lines
Descriptionman keepalived.conf clearly states

           [email protected]
           $IF_MAIN priority 240

           will produce:
               priority 240
               if the config_id is main and nothing if the config_id is not main,
               although why anyone would want to use this rather than simply the
               following is not known (but still possible):
                   @main priority 240


Yet this does not work correctly under all circumstances.
Steps To Reproduceset the following in keepalived.conf

[email protected]

$PRI priority 240 on expansion

will produce garbled output

Unknown keyword 'priorixxxx' where xxxx is trailing part of host name.

Reproducible on both AlmaLinux 8.6 andd 9.0
Additional InformationThe reason is that after the variable value substitution, the line-length is not recalculated.

Fix is to apply the following patch

I've recalculated the buffer length at the head of the loop for obvious correctness and
resilience in the case of future code changes

--- a/lib/parser.c 2022-06-27 08:58:01.163365991 +0100
+++ b/lib/parser.c 2022-06-27 09:05:08.456532867 +0100
@@ -2735,7 +2735,8 @@

                do {
                        recheck = false;
- if (buf[0] == '@') {
+ len = strlen(buf);
+ if (buf[0] == '@') {
                                /* If the line starts '@', check the following word matches the system id.
                                   @^ reverses the sense of the match */
                                if (buf[1] == '^') {

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