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0000251AlmaLinux-8abrtpublic2023-01-23 14:31
Reporterbrianjmurrell Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx86_64OSAlmaLinuxOS Version8.6
Summary0000251: 'report_AlmaLinuxBugTracker' exited with 1
Description# abrt-cli report 74eaa4767c18c0d20c76df529377307f46fdcbcc
('report_uReport' completed successfully)
Ok to upload core dump? (It may contain sensitive data). If your answer is 'No', a stack trace will be generated locally. (It may download a huge amount of data). [y/N/f/e] n
Analyzing coredump 'coredump'
Coredump references 62 debuginfo files, 31 of them are not installed
Initializing package manager
Setting up repositories
Looking for needed packages in repositories
Can't find packages for 1 debuginfo files
Removing /var/tmp/abrt-tmp-debuginfo-2022-05-29-11:50:06.4131526
Missing debuginfo file: /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/f9/c39c0e3b76999296fde2908a6cc04b0b02559c.debug
Generating backtrace
Backtrace is generated and saved, 51206 bytes
AlmaLinux Bug Tracker User name: brianjmurrell
AlmaLinux Bug Tracker Password:

The report has been updated
Checking for duplicates
Creating a new issue
Can't generate stacktrace description (no crash thread?)
Adding External URL to issue
('report_AlmaLinuxBugTracker' exited with 1)
Steps To ReproduceSee above.
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2023-01-23 14:31

reporter   ~0000792

Any update here? This makes it impossible to report segfaults and other crashes to your bug system.

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