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0000248AlmaLinux-8sssdpublic2022-05-26 08:07
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Summary0000248: why has alma linux more recent packages then centos stream?
Descriptioni just noticed that the alma linux 8 repos have more recent packages then centos 8-stream.


i am sorry, but i have no access to a RHEL repo, so i could take a look there, but i was under the impression that 8-stream should have more recent packages then RHEL, and therefore also then ALMA linux.

not sure what is going on here, but this sounds strange, at least from the point what centos/redhat folks where telling about the stream stuff
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2022-05-26 08:07

reporter   ~0000580

RHEL 8 has sssd-ipa-2.6.2-4.el8_6. Alma Linux correctly matches it. You may want to file a report upstream at Red Hat.

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