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0000240AlmaLinux-8almalinux-releasepublic2022-05-20 13:04
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PlatformALMA LINUX 9 BetaOSLINUXOS Version9
Summary0000240: Procedure "WordPress with Nginx, PHP 8.1, and MariaDB " on Web Site, does not work, is inadequate !
   Procedure "WordPress with Nginx, PHP 8.1, and MariaDB " is just completely inadequate with ALMA LINUX 9.0
    1) it uses yum, when dnf has been in use for a long time now.
    2) it just does work... it seems to be made for older versions, where config files are not in the same place
    3) There is just no procedure to debug it, when it does not work.
Note: NGNIX, dnf installed works "out of the box" there no need for more !
          The issues are in getting dnf installed Wordpress to work.
    My opinion is that the best would be to have separate dnf modules and/or groupInstall for
        Wordpress for LAMP/Apache and Wordpress for LEMP/NGINX
     Ideally the same should be applied for popular applications like Mediawiki, and Drupal, and more ....
     My expertise not being there I can only offer to test/validate these, if/when they come.
Thanks for the attention.

Andre Gompel
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