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0000236AlmaLinux-8kernelpublic2022-07-17 18:57
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Summary0000236: The Simple Desktop Display Manager (sddm) fails to launch when using the default kernel that comes with Almalinux 8.6
DescriptionAfter upgrading to my AlmaLinux 8.6, I was unable to log in to a graphical environment (sddm). However when selecting an older version of the kernel from the grub screen, I am able to log in via the graphical environment (sddm).

I have since installed AlmaLinux 8.6 from scratch in a virtual machine and replicated this problem with a fresh install.

My colleages using different hardware are also experiencing this issue.

Given that sddm is a default desktop manager for KDE environments, I would presume this is major in severity.

My diagnosis so far:

Switching to a text terminal (Ctrl-Alt+F5) and logging in, I identified that sddm was freezing.

journalctl -b -u sddm.service

stops after showing:

May 17 20:25:50 linux-disp.kydlocal systemd[1]: Started Simple Desktop Display Manager.

when using the failing kernel, however for a working kernel, it shows a lot more:

-- Logs begin at Tue 2022-05-17 20:25:15 ACST, end at Tue 2022-05-17 22:49:48 ACST. --
May 17 20:25:50 linux-disp.kydlocal systemd[1]: Started Simple Desktop Display Manager.
May 17 20:25:58 linux-disp.kydlocal sddm[1933]: Could not setup default cursor
May 17 20:25:59 linux-disp.kydlocal sddm-helper[4193]: pam_unix(sddm-greeter:session): session opened for user sddm by (uid=0)
May 17 20:26:32 linux-disp.kydlocal sddm-helper[11443]: pam_unix(sddm:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost= user=xxxx

Steps To ReproduceSteps:

install a fresh Almalinux 8.6
Install sddm
Enable sddm (systemctl enable sddm.service)
Start sddm (systemctl start sddm.service)

What should occur:
A graphical login screen to show up .

What actually occurs:
A black screen with mouse visible upon movement, (i.e. Xorg started)
No text or graphics visible
Additional InformationWorking kernel version - 4.18.0-348.23.1.el8_5.x86_64
Failing Kernel Version - 4.18.0-372.9.1.el8.x86_64
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2022-05-24 00:23

administrator   ~0000577

Seems like upstream bug:


2022-06-10 15:56

reporter   ~0000595

Confirming the new kernel from Centos Stream ( kernel-4.18.0-394.el8.x86_64 ) fixes the issue.


2022-07-17 18:57

reporter   ~0000648

There was an update to the RHBZ quoted above:

" Troy Dawson 2022-07-13 14:26:47 UTC

There is progress on getting this fixed in RHEL 8.6, instead of just waiting for RHEL 8.7.
No expected date yet, but the work has started. "

Once it is fixed in RHEL, Alma will inherit it.

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