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0000203AlmaLinux-8passwdpublic2022-03-23 17:23
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PlatformAlmalinuxOSAlmalinuxOS Version8.5
Summary0000203: User level permissionts/settings randomly destroyed (su: failed to execute /bin/bash: No such file or directory)
DescriptionWe are getting hit by random system-level user errors in which the user is completely unable to function, nothing basically works, here is one simple example of trying to SU to the user -

su username
su: failed to execute /bin/bash: No such file or directory

As these are mostly users that related to websites, everything is dead obviously (websites, crons, anything)

Our quick & dirty workaround currently is to recreate the user -

userdel username
useradd username
chown -R username.username userhomedir

One thing we noted is that "nobody" user on this server is different from than usual system:

~>grep nobody /etc/passwd
nobody:x:65534:65534:Kernel Overflow User:/:/sbin/nologin

usually, it's like

~>grep nobody /etc/passwd

nobody uid=65534, pid=65534 is unusual as far as I can tell? Not sure if it's related though


Additional InformationKernel: 4.18.0-348.20.1.el8_5.x86_64
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2022-03-22 08:12

administrator   ~0000519

Hello. Both nobody users are correct but for different os versions.

~>grep nobody /etc/passwd
nobody:x:65534:65534:Kernel Overflow User:/:/sbin/nologin

~>grep nobody /etc/passwd

Is it possible that your server OS was attacked or unintentionally damaged by someone?
AlmaLinux itself doesn't modify users or their dirs in any way.
Does /bin/bash actually present in system?


2022-03-22 08:26

reporter   ~0000520

Hello alukosho,

Thank you for your reply,
/bin/bash is present in the system.

Do you have any clue how can we investigate that issue?


2022-03-23 17:23

reporter   ~0000521

Found the issue, an internal script that runs daily on the users and doing something on their group ownership (security-wise) if some conditions are met.
Worked perfectly on COS7, so we didn't catch it initially when upgraded to ALM8

We can close this one

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