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0000191AlmaLinux-8croniepublic2022-02-23 13:19
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PlatformVmwareOSAlmaLinuxOS Version8.5
Summary0000191: Mail on error not sent from cron files
DescriptionI have following lines in root crontab file:

MAILTO="[email protected]"

0 10 * * * /tmp/

Error message about non existent file is not sent via mail but is written into /var/log/cron:

Feb 23 14:07:01 testsrv CROND[2503686]: (root) CMDOUT (/bin/sh: /tmp/ No such file or directory)

Mail system on testsrv works fine, because I can send mail from the command line.

This functionality works in Centos 7 and 8 releases.


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