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0000170AlmaLinux-8almalinux-releasepublic2022-02-03 16:07
Reporterlnx1991 Assigned Toalukoshko  
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Platformx86_64OSAlmaLinux VaultOS Version8
Summary0000170: Vault is missing all non-i686 content as described in the wiki
DescriptionWe have need of the Vault contents, primarily to use older kernels for proprietary 3rd party software which have custom kernel modules built for very specific kernel versions. Many of these modules are compatible to all kernels within one point release family, however are known to break if used on the next-higher version (so in practice, an 8.4 compiled blob might segfault on 8.5 kernels). Waiting on the vendor to release newly compiled modules of their code is required to move forward with a kernel upgrade, which tends to have a long delay (~6months in practice).

The wiki at has this design statement:

> AlmaLinux has a Vault repository that provides packages and isos for previous AlmaLinux OS versions. Also, the Vault repository contains 32-bit packages for the latest stable version to build.

However, the design on the servers doesn't seem to match - what we seem to see is (using 8.4 as an example, 8.5 is the current release as of this writing):

  a) Vault has only i686:
  b) Main has other arches:

Our intent/need is to deploy a DNF repo config to connect an older Vault x86_64 to get at the older kernels to use when needed, but the project design seems a little split between two places and the wiki doesn't match the bits. We would like to get clarification on the long-term design intent from the Alma team in order to move forward with deployments at scale.

In context, we have/had this same need of the CentOS Vault which does contain all arches in one location, we are carrying the need over to AlmaLinux now.

Thank you!
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2022-01-04 23:09

reporter   ~0000470

Add-on question which isn't specifically part of this, but related: we are an official mirror; is there a documented process to mirror the Vault contents which matches Main? (basically, are the upstream servers ready to accept pulls from rsync:// and is that the design intent we should use). Thanks!


2022-01-18 16:24

administrator   ~0000478


Vault content can be synced from here:

And I've merged all 8.4 arches to vault so now it has full tree.


2022-01-24 21:30

reporter   ~0000482

Hi thank you! Apologies on the delayed reply, I've shared with our mirror team to have a look at the rsync URL now and see if we can move forward, much appreciated.


2022-02-03 13:47

reporter   ~0000484

Quick update, our mirror team is successfully rsyncing and redistributing the Vault content without error, everything is looking great. I think we can close this bug, anything from here is a new issue. :)

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