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0000163AlmaLinux-8kernelpublic2022-06-27 13:16
Reporteraklymov Assigned Toalukoshko  
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Summary0000163: Unable to install 8.5 on Intel motherboards S5500, SC2400, SC2600 - problem initializing video
We are having problem installing Almalinux 8.5 on Intel motherboards S5500, SC2400, SC2600, right from the start - boot iso does not initialize video. When installing from Almalinux 8.3 iso there is no such problem.
After selecting "Install" from GRUB menu screen goes dark.
Steps To ReproduceBoot Almalinux 8.5 installation iso on Intel motherboard S5500, SC2400, SC2600CW, after selecting "Install" from GRUB menu, screen goes blank.
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2021-12-13 14:10

administrator   ~0000449

Hello. Could you please try CentOS 8.5 on the same system?
We have to find out if this is upstream regression or AlmaLinux specific bug.


2021-12-13 17:42

reporter   ~0000452

We tried RockyLinux 8.5 and RHEL8.5 - same symptoms, problem is most likely in kernel configuration difference between 4.18-240 (which was used in 8.3 release and 4.18-348 (8.5 correspondingly). The paradox is, that to report problem upstream we have to have paid subscription.


2021-12-13 17:48

administrator   ~0000453

Then the best option is to check it on CentOS Stream 8 iso:

If it works then most likely it will work with 8.6.
If not then you should report to CentOS Stream bugzilla

BTW do you need graphics after install?
You can either install in text mode or start with AlmaLinux 8.3 and then upgrade it to 8.5.


2021-12-13 19:48

reporter   ~0000454


You can report RHEL-related problems upstream (Red Hat) without paid subscription. Just create an account at and file a report.


2021-12-15 18:41

reporter   ~0000455

Thank you, toracat, I will do that.


2022-06-27 13:16

administrator   ~0000617

aklymov could you confirm that video works on 8.6?

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