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0000139AlmaLinux-8rpcbindpublic2021-10-30 11:25
Reportercommandline-be Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx86OSAlma LinuxOS Version8.4
Summary0000139: rpcbind fatal flaw on boot/start of service
DescriptionDuring boot

[ 8.777218] traps: rpcbind[767] general protection fault ip:7f94de660bb8 sp:7ffe8e484960 error:0 in[7f94de57a000+1bc000]
[FAILED] Failed to start RPC Bind.
See 'systemctl status rpcbind.service' for details.
Steps To Reproduceboot the system
run rpcbind
start the rpcbind service
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2021-10-30 11:25 commandline-be New Issue