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0000135AlmaLinux-8setuppublic2021-11-24 18:47
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Summary0000135: Installation can not be finished
DescriptionWhen configuring the Installation I'm asked to add an Installation-Source and an Software selection.
When I click on installation-source and just leave the new screen with the finished button, I get the yellow warning sign on it, and I can't go to this menu again.
Also the installation can not be continued.
Some for the Software selection button.

Wenn ich die Installation starte komme ich in die Zusammenfassung der Installation.
Dort gibt es den Button Installationquelle und Software Auswahl.
Beide haben eine rote Warnung!
Wenn ich in Installationquelle gehe und dann sofort wieder raus über den FERTIG Button, dann habe ich nur noch das gelbe Warnsymbol. Aber die Installation kann
nicht fortgesetzt werden. Ich kann den Button Installationquelle auch nicht noch mal klicken.
Das gleich gilt für den Button Software-Auswahl.
Die Installation kann nicht fortgesetzt werden.
Steps To ReproduceDownload ISO
Start installation
Select Language GERMAN
Selete Installationsquelle
See the installation can not be continued and also the Button Installationsquelle can not be klicked anymore.
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2021-11-24 16:59

administrator   ~0000425

Hello. Sorry for delay.
Have you tried AlmaLinux 8.5? It detects the nearest mirror for network install automatically.


2021-11-24 18:30

reporter   ~0000426

Thanks for coming back. I already thought this forum is dead.

Anyway, after trying and trying for hours I then tried it on a different system and I found out it's indeed a network issue.
Even at 8.5 it doesn't automatically detect network at all.
I also don't understand why it is necessary to have ntwork connectivity while doing the install from an iso.
Why is there no option to configure the network? Why is there no option to skip network usage and configure later?
This is really very stupid and makes AlmaLinux for me unusable.
Meanwhile I switched back to Ubuntu although I hate it. But it still installs like a charme.


2021-11-24 18:47

administrator   ~0000427

You have to setup network only on boot (netinstall) ISO because it doens't contain any packages.
Minimal and DVD ISOs don't require network to install. You can just not enable network during install.
What ISO are you trying?

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