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0000125AlmaLinux-8-OTHERpublic2022-02-07 14:46
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Summary0000125: It's harder to reference images on Azure than necessary
DescriptionI have a prototype switching from Microsoft's "endorsed" CentOS images
from RogueWave/OpenLogic as indicated by the portal's drop-down and
to AlmaLinux.

It's harder to use AlmaLinux for some reason.

With the "endorsed" images, all I need to do is set the ImageReference,

With AlmaLinux, I need to do two more things:

Most annoyingly, I need to enable AlmaLinux on my subscriptions at
This is troublesome when setting up new subscriptions. Also the error
message given by Azure to do this is not very good.

Secondly, the API call needs more stuff in it, namely, the "Plan"

Neither are necessary with the "endorsed" CentOS images.
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2021-09-03 18:40

reporter   ~0000330

I was messing around with my API calls and it seems there is some way to make a non-marketplace image "offer":

"Creating a virtual machine from a non-Marketplace image does not need Plan information. Please remove the Plan information from VM..."


2022-02-07 14:46

reporter   ~0000487

Thanks for reporting this one we're hitting this one here with our automated pipelines. Were hoping it would be a simple swap from centos to alma, but have to rebuild off alma base image instead of converting.

Hope this helps as a plus 1 to this ticket as I cannot find a way to do so. Also Azure support sent me this way, there may be other coming, and maybe they see this comment.

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