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0000104AlmaLinux-8kernelpublic2021-06-23 11:36
Reporterbrlx Assigned To 
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OSALMAOS Version8.4 
Summary0000104: Keyboard useless after wakeup
DescriptionAfter closing the laptop-lid Alma goes into suspended mode.
When i wake up the machine by opening the lid, keystrokes into the password-field are either lagging, extremly repeating or not accepted.
Switching to console provides the same: keyboard inputs are unusable
Steps To Reproduce- Have a full installed Laptop - in my case a fujitsu Lifebook E-series,
- Close the Lid
- wait for all LEDs to go off
- open the lid
- try to enter a password
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2021-06-23 11:36

reporter   ~0000280

After cross checking with Rocky this bug appears to be upstream

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